Specialised in payement security system, Trust Design contacted us to help them create a product allowing payments and secured access thanks to the digital and biometric information of the user. Those iformation cannot be detained in any servers, so it was necessary to store them in a device. That is why the client came to us to develop a simple case that he could use as a biometric badge.




 avant projet


First, we had to analyse how the case would used. As it was meant to be put in a bag, it had to be solid and reliable. Thus, in order to be as cheap as possible to produce, the product had to be made of a very few pieces.




During the creation phase, Unistudio's team designed the simplest case possible but with style and ergonomy. At first, the idea was to create a rotating case that give access to the electronics inside. But, in order to give the product as much robustness as possible, they thought of creating a smooth edge (bumper) and two clipped plastic sheet that oyu can remove. The bonus of this solution is that it could add the possibility of personalisation of the product.



CAO trust

 Concerning the development of the product, our engineers looked for the best matter to use. The decided to use the plexiglas for the removable plastic and Sebs for the bumper. In order to reduce the production price, we developed the product in a way that the mold could be created without any movement and that the bumber could be injected on one of the plastic sheet to reduce the assembling time.



 20160808 150833

We developped a few prototypes that helped us testing our concept and the assembling. They allowed us to validate the product and launch the production





After numerisation, we sent the pieces to our partners so the product could be produced in the North of France.