Optee is a crowbar for expanding metal dowel. Easy to use, this crowbar is ergonomic, light and doens't leave any mark on the wall thanks to its smooth pad.  Beautiful and smart it's precision is perfect thanks to its adjustement switch. This project was created by Scell-it in order to start is own range of product. The stakes of this project was to create a product different than those already on the market. A tool that would seduce and attract a wider target : from advanced user to beginners and even a feminin target.




Unistudio's designers first diagnosed the existing product before starting the creation research. The aim was to find the concept possible for this project. The team came out with two concept : an ergonomic crowbar and a smooth pad. After reflexion they realised that both object could be merged into one. But to do so, they had to consult us.




From the technical caracteristic list, we developed the all mecanism. The entire project was developed with the Designers which allowed us to find solutions to technical problems while following the design. All the product was modelled from the sketches from the designers.
At the same time, we had an important research phase for the matters so we could develop a light and ergonomic product but also robust and stainless. We found a metal with high suppleness for the mecanics, an alliminium and zinc alloy (ZAMACK) for the body and EPDM for the smooth pad.


Validationscell it

Numerical modelisation allowed us to test the robustness of the materials.



During this project, we created a lot of prototypes tha allowed us to test the product in every phase of the development.



Concerning the industrialisation we followed the production while finding ways to optimise the use and improve the perceived quality.