Gowi is as coloreful key chain geo tracked and connected to the smartphone dedicated to every person that ever felt unsecured in the streets. Easy to carry it includes a emergency button that sends a signal to your "gardien angels" through a smartphone application to ask for help.

collab plasticem EN




Dedicated especially to a feminin tarket, gowi had to be small, discret and fashion. Its creator asked us to develop the case answering to these caracteristics, while being able to include the electronics. That is why we started to create an architecture prototype so the congestion could be tested.



Once the congestion validated, we started to model the case in 3D.





In order to show our client what the product would look like, we realised a functionnal and aesthetic prototype.




gowi 2 

Ready to be sent in production, we followed the project through its injection for a first short series of production, made by our partner Plastisem.